COVID19 Updates

These are extraordinary times requiring unprecedented reactions. The Covid-19 pandemic has occasioned far reaching disruption to daily business and other activities. We at Aidan Partners remain open for business to cater for the interests of our clients and the welfare of our staff, whilst adhering to the government's directives on personal hygiene, social distancing and movement restrictions.

In anticipation of increasing less frequent face to face contact and more remote interaction, we have in place, a robust and secure system to continue to service client demands. We are confident that with the support of our skilled staff and cutting-edge technology, we will be consistent in providing the same high level of service to our clients, albeit remotely.

Our contact details (email addresses and phone numbers) remain available to you, and if you require urgent assistance please do not hesitate to contact the following:

Akin Omisade - Kunle Ajagbe -

It is essential that we all adopt a "Safety First" approach during this time by observing all health advisories and government directives.

Thank you